Are you having a tough time managing your website clients?

Hold your clients tight, otherwise someone else will! Avoid customer bouncing off your pages by giving them live help on your website. We understand how important it is for you to secure sales and resolve important customer service complaints. Our team of professional website operators takes care of your clients 24/7, just like their own. A website like provides the website a virtual experience that a regular website cannot provide.

How it works?


When should live chat be used?

When you have one operator to attend throughout the day.

When business owners are looking to convert potential leads into customers, who otherwise tend to leave the site.

If you are someone who is proactive and is highly interested to know about the needs and wants of your customers.

If you wish to follow page views and traffic in real time in order to find out how the site is being used.

Why implement Live Chat?

Live chat is been currently used worldwide for people to communicate. This wide acceptance is a result of its popularity and the results it promises to deliver. People are tired availing answering machines that keep you long awaited, giving rise to frustration among phone users. Moreover, responding to a lead leaves a good impression, compared to making them wait around.

Besides making them happy, it will have a high chance of turning into a potential lead. Today, live chat is considered as being one of the quickest forms of customer service. Let’s be honest here, if you send your response 48 hours post an enquiry, it is most likely that the customer is not even thinking about your product or service anymore. The quicker you respond, the quicker you have the chance of turning potential leads into customers. Luckily, live chat can fix this problem as it is always around.

Live chat helps in reducing costs, further reducing incoming emails.

Live chat helps in increasing sales.

Customers love this form of online support and consider it an important feature of website.

This feature enables business owners to better understand customers, and in the long run leading towards better products and increased business.

If your competitors are not doing this, you can be a step ahead from them.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I start?

On getting touch with us, we will perform an in-depth study of your website and interview you to learn about your business in details, following to which we shall train our agents accordingly and take it forward from there.

Do I need to have technical knowledge?

No, not at all. You can simply focus on your business, while we shall take care of the rest.

Which countries do you provide support to?

We provide support to all countries needing support in English

What is the response time you are aiming at?

The response time we aim at is seconds. We immediately notify about your lead once the chat is over through email. Call for premium package

What kind of businesses do you support?

We support all kinds of businesses – except

How am I notified of any lead?

We send all chat transcripts through email in about few minutes.

How often do I need to be available?

You do not need to be available all the time, as you can just let us know when you need to be notified and likewise.

How can I trust you?

We have our privacy policy created where we solemn to not leak out any information to anybody and keep all information private. Moreover, we value you and the faith you have on us and would not do anything that would cost us in losing you.

About Us

We aim to help businesses improve the customer service and drive maximum sales. Our mission lies in empowering organizations and companies with high-end communications technology. We are solely committed to making highly secure, easy to use and fast service for your benefit.

We have a highly efficient handpicked team, solely dedicated to deliver nothing but excellence. We only aim to deploy well-informed and experienced team of live chat operators who excel in handling customer queries.